Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • This site allows any kind of relationship. Whether it is a temporary affair or a life partner, everyone is welcome to register here.
  • People cannot find many fake users.
  • This platform has thirty-five million matches and two hundred and fifty million texts monthly.
  • Lovoo is among the largest matchmaking platforms that exist worldwide. This implies that one will surely find interesting interlocutors, and the searching may get filtered using screening methods. It proves that the website is trustworthy.
  • This matchmaking site does not offer a video chatting service.
  • Its application often crashes whenever people try using it.
  • Not all female users are real.

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This legit website has enabled lots of singles to meet each other. Recently, it has been purchased by Meet Team.

The Lovoo Matchmaking Site Overview

Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

This platform is among the matchmaking sites that are advancing fast. It was created in 2011. Since that time, they have been offering a perfect place for people to meet one another and mingle. Currently, this site has more than seventy million users globally. New sign-ups also keep on increasing as the Lovoo matchmaking site continues to update its services to satisfy newcomers.

Meet Team Inc bought Lovoo in 2017. This team additionally manages MeetMe, Skout, and Tagged. It got the Lovoo platform for seventy million dollars. This yielded the application’s latest new feature that had been released sometime back— the live video streaming. This product allows people to host or view live recordings of different users.

Lovoo app members may gain Diamonds through the live streaming option whenever they stream any videos. They can exchange them for credits or funds. The matchmaking platform additionally has many other nice offers for individuals who need to increase their interactions.

The Way Lovoo Functions

Lovoo is simple for users. This service makes sure all people can register via email or phone. The moderators do their best to ensure that there are no fakes. The site has simple filters that allow members to sort people based on gender, age, and location. Visitors can get matches who are located nearby by allowing the website to access their location. Without this, users will get a random suggestion.

The Lovoo matchmaking site has 2 methods of communication. The first one is using the matching feature. With this option, everyone gets a chance to tell other users how they feel about them. There is also a possibility ofswiping to the right, which indicates that a person is interested in someone. Swiping left, on the other hand, means that you are not interested in a person. For those who don’t like swiping, Lovoo has buttons to use instead. Members get matched with those who also swipe them right.

Who Use Lovoo?

Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

The majority of Lovoo visitors are males. Also, many of the members are aged below thirty-five years. The platform has seventy million individuals, and a great share of them is from European nations, for instance, Italy, France, and Germany. They make more than thirty million of Lovoo’s population.

However,Lovoo still serves a high number of users within America. Most of the Americansare young people looking to pass time and get entertainment. Tests have proven that American participants at Lovoo are not into serious relationships. They use it just for meeting single people and making friends. No matter what kind of sexual preferences one has, everyone is allowed to join the Lovoo platform. However, most of the individuals found here are straight.

The members’ activities are high compared to most web dating services. Many people often participate in live videos. That is probably because of the gains acquired from live streaming.

The Main Features on the Platform

The Lovoo matchmaking service offers various outstanding features for both PC and mobile usage. Members will never have to pay to use them.

  1. Discover

The Lovoo users utilize this offer in looking for a partner. It is meant for basic searching and has filters like region, age, and gender.

  1. Play

This is a game provided by the Lovoo website. Members get featured in roulette where they are required to click a heart if they like someone. And if not, they click the X sign and the next person is displayed.

  1. Live

This feature lets Lovoo users host live streams while other people view them. Those hosting videos may receive Diamonds for each present they get from the audience. A single present is equivalent to 1 Diamond. Also, the Diamonds may be exchanged to receive credits or money. But the feature is just found on a mobile app.

  • Radar
  • It displays contacts that are close to where the user is located. This feature is also available for mobile devices only.

    Lovoo Matchmaking Platform Design

    Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

    This site offers both the PC and mobile modes.

    The Platform Structure and Functionality

    Both Lovoo PC and phone versions look neat, offering members an easy to use service. Everything is placed at the appropriate place and may get accessed quickly.In the phone version, all options are denoted by symbols that are located in the bottom section of the screen. On a PC site, the features are located in the top menu section.

    Both the PC and the phone services adhere to utilizing a few colors—gray and purple. They have also made use of boxes, which makes the mobile version appear nice and modern. No wonder that it is visited by so many young users.

    Lovoo Phone Application

    • The app is quite interactive.
    • It is simple when navigating and using it.
    • People are supposed to build a profile to be able to view the contents of other accounts.
    • A person must share a minimum of 3 images to see other people’s photos.
    • There is both the Android and iOS Lovoo phone application, both are free of charge.

    Lovoo app offers 2 extra features besides what is available at the PC site: Radar and Live. These two additional options make it more interactive. The Radar displays people nearby. Members can view their profile image in the middle of the display with circles surrounding it, the same as ripples. If there are people close to you, you can check theirprofile buttons on the ripples.

    The Lovoo live streaming feature has been introduced lately. It lets individuals host live videos and people watch them without paying. This option may be used to make money, especially since the live stream is so popular. Whenever the viewers give those hosting videos presents, they gain Diamonds, which can be exchanged for money and credits.

    If compared with the PC mode, the Lovoo app is liked more by members. Even Lovoo’s team encourages the community to utilize the program more than the desktop service.

    Customer Support

    Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

    The Lovoo dating site has a great customer support team ready to help users with any issues. This platform additionally has a detailed FAQ section where people may get responses to many of the questions they may have.

    Signing up and Profile Building Process

    To access Lovoo, you must register and create a profile.

    Registering at the Site

    • New individuals at Lovoo can register using their Facebook page or email address.
    • The site requires verification via text message.
    • A newcomer must fill out a registration form with their basic information.
    • The users must additionally post a picture to access this site.

    The registration at Lovoo is easy and quick. It simply takes3-5 minutes. If people are using their emails, they are supposed to provide some personal details in the application form:name, residence, birth date, and your sex. After that, new members are also supposed to give avalid email address and their password. What follows next is the answering a captcha to prove that one is a human.

    If the Lovoo dating service detects a suspicious IP address or wrong locations of IP address and email, users will need to go through a text verification. When visitors leave the platform to redo the signing up process, they will still be taken to the text verification section. This will continue for thirty days if a person fails to verify their profiles through text. But if everything is okay, Lovoo will just ask users for email checking.

    It is not a must to create a profile at the Lovoo website immediately after joining. Users are allowed to browse through profiles without creating your page or uploading a photo. But the site will never prioritize empty accounts to appear on searches.

    The Website Profile Creation and Verification Process

    • Lovoo has a verified badge.
    • Users of free membership are allowed to view different profiles provided they have already filled theirs.
    • Free members may also see other pictures as long as they have already uploaded a minimum of three photos in their accounts.
    • Most profiles at Lovoo are not so detailed.

    The accounts at the Lovoo site are not displayed on different pages. If to click on someone, even in the playing section or the Discover section, the member will appear on a pop-up display. If you check someone’spage either on PC or phone, his/her profile picture takes up most of the display.

    Lovoo accounts do not contain many details about an individual. The main information is place of residence, age, and whether the person is active or not. The platform also has the About field where members describethemselves writing a paragraph. This data appearsin the right section of users’ profile images when viewed using the desktop version. The pictures will also be seen when a visitor scrolls down the profile page.

    When using the Lovoo mobile application, the details are found below the display picture. The profiles contain 2 tabs:one is for the account photo and details; another one is for the gallery. People will not see both tabs if they haven’t filled out their information and shared a minimum of 3 images.

    Lovoo Searching Option

    Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

    The Discover is a random user searching feature. Members can adjust their filters with it. Lovoo search engines are pretty basic: there are parameters like age, sex, and region. But modifying the region is limited within various regions orone’s country.

    Site Matches and Messaging

    • The Lovoo dating platform uses Roulette matching.
    • Users can send likes without paying.
    • People may add others to the Favorites section.
    • The filters are simple.
    • The non-subscribers are entitled for a single free icebreaker text each day.

    At Lovoo, members can send likes to appealing people. It will notify recipients that you should interact. If it is about messaging, the free members at the Lovoo platform are allowed to send a single icebreaker each day. Premium subscribers may write many texts, view the people that checked out their accounts, and check those who mark them as Favorites.

    However, before utilizing the texting service at Lovoo, users are supposed to fill out their profiles and upload a photo.

    Free and Premium Services

    Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

    Lovoo members may pay in thirty days, ninety days, six months, or in twelve months. The platform additionally offers users credits that they may use to send rewards and take advantage of the required features. Another great thing regarding the Lovoo dating platform is that people earn credits through doing surveys and tasks like verifying accounts and posting images. Participants also receive 5 extra credits if they enter the website each day.

    Free Membership

    • Signing up
    • Streaming live recordings
    • Viewing live videos
    • Sending likes
    • 1 icebreaker each day
    • Using the search
    • Adding people to the Favorites section

    Premium Membership

    • No ads
    • Sending many messages
    • Checking those who visited your account
    • Discovering who liked you
    • Undoing swipe when playing
    • Becoming invisible when browsing
    • High visibility


    Premium membership:

    • One month: 9.99 dollars.
    • Three months: 8.33 dollars per month. This is equivalent to 24.99 dollars.
    • Six months: 5.67 dollars per month. This is equivalent to 33.99 dollars.
    • 12 months: 5.83 dollars per month. This is equivalent to 69.97 dollars.

    The Lovoo credits:

    • Three hundred credits: 0.01 dollars per credit. This is equivalent to 3.49 dollars.
    • Five hundred and fifty credits: 5.59 dollars.
    • Two thousand five hundred credits: 17.00 dollars.
    • Eight thousand credits: 33.60 dollars.

    The payment methods at Lovoo are:

    • Through a mobile phone
    • PayPal
    • Credit card

    Cancelling the Subscription

    Lovoo Review: Is This Dating Site Legit or Scam?

    To cancel a subscription at the Lovoo matchmaking service is simple. It can be done through Stripe. A person is supposed to enter the site and click on a gear icon located in the upper-right section. There is where the settings are. Next, the user should select the Premium option and click on Cancel. After that, follow the Stripe instructions.

    Safety and Security

    Lovoo has strict safety measures. The verifying procedure is also thorough. Even though the platform will never validate profiles and perform legitimacy analysis for all of them, the service is regarded safe. That is because suspicious accounts are easily identified and banned before causing any harm to site members. Usersare additionally allowed to block or report suspicious activity.

    Lovoo Matchmaking Platform Alternatives

    • Badoo
    • Hot or Not
    • MeetMe
    • Flingster
    • Tinder
    • OkCupid


    Generally, Lovoo has proved to be a wonderful platform that enables like-minded people to meet. There are more than four thousand matches each month. It is among the leading matchmaking sites that exist. Besides, the service keeps on advancing to give the best features that adapt to the industry trends. Whether you’re interested in a long-term relationship or you want fun, feel free to join Lovoo, and who knows, maybe your destiny is waiting for you there!

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